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high im andrea ~18~ mary jane my main. got any questions? ask away✌️

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i got a lot more likes and from people i didnt expect on the pic i posted about goin back to school, to finish.. on both insta and facebook😅 it does make me feel greaat tho 😍😊👍

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i’ve finally made up my mind and made the decision to re-enroll at zeeland east again, so i can finish up the only 4 credits i have left. i went to the school earlier today to get the enrollment packet and i filled it out after i got home and plan on turning it in monday morning! i didnt have the idea to re enroll at zeeland, at all until i talked to mr. greeshaw earlier and he told me how easy it’d be to re-enroll and come to school for 1 semester! i’m glad i’ve finally made this decision, i just need to get these 4 credits done so i can graduate and move forward with my life! 😌😊😁👍💙 #cantwait #justwannabedone 0 notesReblog
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Hemlock x Justin Carter

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